Hi everyone! My name is Christine. I’m 67 and I’ve had many a day with spinal unhappiness. I have sussed out many things that have helped me gain homeostasis during my lifetime.

I am happy to report that I am experiencing some wonderful results with Dr. Marie Biek
who I had the good fortune to meet at the Island Jam Festival in a booth.

I had such chronic conditions that I thought I would have to live with forever and her work is proving to help me in ways that surprise and delight me. It was a little challenging at the start and over time I am
managing very well and I must encourage you to try her care. I am pleased with the results and her amazingly gentle yet powerful adjustments to my neck. Thank you, Dr. Marie, for going the extra mile in your education so we can benefit from your inspiration and help.

Christine U.

Dr. Marie is my hero!

For many years, I suffered with a localized pain stemming from multiple surgeries – pain that I just accepted that I would live with for the rest of my life.

With Dr. Marie’s continued, gentle NUCCA adjustments, I am 100% pain free; it was a gradual process – and it took a couple of months before I noticed a legitimate difference. Anytime I am experiencing discomfort or feeling like I am out of alignment, she makes herself available (even on a packed day of patients!) to make sure I get treated as soon as possible. Not many practitioners have this level of selfless dedication – and it shows!

I am so grateful for Dr. Marie, the positivity she radiates and all of the healing she continues to spread.

The highest of recommendations – thank you Dr. Marie!!!

Meghan W.

I had been seeing a traditional chiro for over a year, to help resolve neck pain that has been an issue for me on and off since 2007. She recommended that I try NUCCA, since we had been seeing limited results.

I was initially skeptical – the adjustment is SO slight, and so gentle compared to traditional chiropractic. You barely feel it. But as soon as I stand up from the table, my body feels different.

Best of all, my neck is the most consistently pain-free it has been since 2007. I am regaining range of motion I thought I might never get back, I am sleeping better than ever, and I’m able to re-integrate movements back into my workout routines that were off limits for a really long time.

As a personal trainer, my body is my life, and it means the world to me to be able to move freely and explore new movement techniques. I am so grateful to have found Dr Marie! She is a grounded, compassionate, health-advocate with magic up her sleeves!

Hannah H.

This style of spinal care is brilliant for people who are either afraid of traditional Chiropractic care and/or not seeing results. It is a gentle approach with maximum​ results because of its specificity.​ I am now holding my healthy spine position after only a short time in her care and Dr​ Marie is such a dedicated and delightful practitioner​ who is easy to open up to and who listens with her heart!

Chimene P.

I was one of those people who refused to see a chiropractor, but after suffering from chronic headaches and neck pain for years, I was finally convinced to try NUCCA, which features a much gentler approach than traditional chiropractics. Dr. Marie is very thorough and holistic, from her intake questionnaire to the initial scans; the adjustment itself is extremely gentle, but the effect is amazing. My headaches and neck pain are gone. After I was rear ended a couple months ago, I experienced a setback, and Dr. Marie did a new assessment. She again knocked out the pain with a slightly changed course of action. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Marie’s demeanor, approach, professionalism, and overall effectiveness.

Bridget A.