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Reviews From our Satisfied Patients:

Dr. Marie is my hero!For many years, I suffered with a localized pain stemming from multiple surgeries - pain that I just accepted that I would live with for the rest of my life.With Dr. Marie's continued, gentle NUCCA adjustments, I am 100% pain free; it was a gradual process - and it took a couple of months before I noticed a legitimate difference. Anytime I am experiencing discomfort or feeling like I am out of alignment, she makes herself available (even on a packed day of patients!) to make sure I get treated as soon as possible. Not many practitioners have this level of selfless dedication - and it shows!I am so grateful for Dr. Marie, the positivity she radiates and all of the healing she continues to spread.The highest of recommendations - thank you Dr. Marie!!!

Meghan W. San Francisco, CA

I have an arthritic neck, from violin playing and from years doing desk work.  I've seen many kinds of practitioners during the 30 years I've been looking for pain relief, and had nearly given up.  One of my excellent Pilates trainers recommended Dr. Biek; she'd seen major changes Dr. Biek had made for another client.Dr. Marie Biek includes NUCCA work (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association) among her specialties, and her work has given me relief from pain.  I still have some mild discomfort and stiffness, but no pain.  The before and after x-rays show increased space between some of my cervical vertibrae.  Every day, I'm amazed at how much better I feel, including during and after I've played the violin--much less when I turn my head, to back out of my driveway or a parking spot.The initial workup, including neurological tests and a number of x-rays,  is rather costly.  The workup does allow her to clearly identify how to correct the problems, and to compare as the patient progresses.  And for me, it's been worth everything.

Christine M. Oakland, CA

5 years of chronic low back pain (I couldn't sit for more than 10 minutes without being in a lot for pain, and MANY fruitless visits with my primary doctors, xrays, and physical therapy that lead me to some research about alternative solutions. I came across Nucca, this particular method of Chiropractic and I am so so happy to have found Dr. Marie Biek. The pain has resolved in a few months!  She is awesome and extremely knowledgeable, treatments are quick and super gentle. I am so thankful for the care and success of the treatments. If you have any back pain, this is the way to go, for sure!

Noor A. Oakland, CA

My teenage daughter has a disorder of the autonomic nervous system with a likely autoimmune component (dysautonomia/POTS for those who are familiar) along with hypermobility. She has gotten significant symptom relief from her treatments with Dr. Marie, including relief from neck/spine pain, increased appetite, increased blood circulation to her head, and increased energy. As noted by others, the "adjustment" is extremely gentle. It's one of the few interventions we've done in the past five years of illness where she unequivocally swears by the benefits. She'll likely be planning the rest of her life around ensuring she has access to excellent NUCCA practitioners like Dr. Marie!

Anne L. Oakland, CA

I am very happy that I learned about Nucca and this unique chiropractic approach! After years of dizziness upon standing, brain fog, and sciatica with lower back pain, Dr. Marie Biek explained thoroughly to me how everything is correlated in the spine and the brain. She did a few adjustments and I could immediately feel a shift in my balance and coordination from the first adjustment. I have not had sciatic pain in months and my dizziness has significantly improved as well. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to go to Dr. Marie during my time visiting Oakland. I would recommend her to anyone who has similar symptoms as I did. She's very patient, helpful, and truly cares about her patients!

Neda A.

Dr. Marie is the perfect mix of compassion and clinical precision. From the minute I walked into her office I felt a warmth and deep sense of caring emanating from her as she asked me about my body and overall health. I was impressed with the amount of information and detail she gathered throughout the intake process, but most inspiring of all were the results. I noticed a distinct shift in my alignment after only one or two adjustments and I was amazed at how well they held after a short series of regular appointments.If you are looking for someone to take good care of you and set you straight (pun intended), I highly recommend Dr. Marie Biek.

Paul B.

I went to Marie after spending a long period of time with another chiropractor with severe neck pain, after several life changing sessions with Dr. Marie i am proud to say the neck pain is gone. I see her every three weeks for a tune up. I leave her office walking in the clouds, love her!

Jose C. Oakland, CA

Dr Marie is new to Oakland as a hidden gem of a chiropractor that many people should know about. She has much experience aligning people to treat disequilibrium. I am impressed that after 8 years of education she finds ways to correct and heal the body without medicines.
 Upon initial testing she showed me the mal alignment of my spine with a big shortness of my right foot that was giving me foot aches and headaches. In the first three visits she adjusted my upper spine so that my feet felt

Mike W. San Ramon, CA

Dr. Marie Biek is amazing. She is not only an exceptional and talented chiropractor, but also super warm and caring. For each and every visit, she takes time to thoroughly listen and attend to what is going on with my body that day. And fixes it as well! It's amazing what appears to be a subtle adjustment of the atlas can do- she's completely changed the curvature of my cervical spine, helping to realign my whole skeletal structure and strengthen the pathways of my nervous system. Everyone shoul

jcie k. San Francisco, CA

I started seeing Dr. Marie Biek a couple months back. For some time now, I've been having extremely tight muscles which lead to having bad posture and fatigue. A good friend recommended Dr. Marie and said she will be able to fix me right up! Upon my first visit, she took some films of my neck and I was shocked to find my head to be quite crooked! Dr. Marie explained to me that this unalignment could indeed be the culprit to my fatigue and bad posture! I started seeing Dr. Marie Biek a couple mon

Andy B. Berkeley, CA

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