What to Expect

Here at Equilibrium Spinal Care, we seek to find the root cause of your issue. We have found that the body has a remarkable capacity to heal itself, once problems are removed. Our bodies also hold incorrect positions, some which are small, like a few degrees off, to more obvious incorrect positioning, like a person who is hunched over.

Either way, with the NUCCA method, we will take a three dimensional set of x-rays, do a detailed evaluation, and create a series of gentle adjustments to get you back in shape in no time.

Your First Visit

We'll start with a consultation. Expect it to be about an hour. First, we will discuss the reason that you are seeing Dr Marie. She will discuss your history, injuries, what you are looking for in care and so on.

Next, the examination. This will include a combination of chiropractic, orthopedic and neurological tests to understand your condition. We will then do a complete NUCCA assessment to see if your condition relates to an Atlas Misalignment. This will help us determine if we need x-rays.

NUCCA x-rays - this is a vital tool of the NUCCA practitioner. These 3-D x-rays provides a clear indicator of any spinal misalignment, how long it has been occurring for, what is fixable, what can be patched, and what can be done about it and how long it will take for your body to heal. The visit will end and the Dr Marie will study and analyze the findings to create a strategic healing game plan.

Your Second Visit

Report of Findings - This visit begins with a discussion of what we found, how we can help, how long it will take, and the total investment for your care.

Then your first adjustment. A specific, gentle force will be applied above your neckline, as you are laying on your side. Most likely, it will hardly be felt, as this gentle force will initiate the series of aligning events that will help restore your health.

Another set of x-rays will be taken to ensure the results are what we expected.

Third Visit and Beyond

The restorative process continues, and adjustments are made again. The body will become better at "holding" these adjustments, with the final goal of correct alignment. The longer your body is correctly aligned, the better it will function. Aches and pains go away. Tissues heal, your spine and many connecting nerves and pathways communicate better. You'll see that you can live a better life and do things you haven't done in a long time or have ever done before. Healing times will vary, depending on the length of the time of the condition and severity.

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