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How Long Will My Sciatica Last? Oakland Chiropractor Explains July 7, 2024

Does sciatica make it hard to get out of bed in the morning? Or maybe sitting at your desk is agony? Sciatica pain can be truly debilitating, making even simple tasks feel impossible. You're probably wondering how long this discomfort will last, and the truth is, it varies. The duration of sciatica depends on several […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore That Nagging Neck Pain After Your Crash June 2, 2024

Are you haunted by a persistent neck pain that started after a car accident? Did you initially brush it off, thinking it would fade away on its own? Do you feel a nagging worry that it might be more than just a minor ache? If so, you're not alone. Many people in Oakland experience delayed […]

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Unlocking Natural Relief for Headaches on Top of Your Head May 26, 2024

Ever find yourself wincing in pain just as you're about to enjoy a sunny day at Lake Merritt, or missing out on a vibrant event at Jack London Square because of a relentless headache? If headaches on top of your head are stealing your joy and productivity, you're not alone. A headache on top of […]

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Top 10 Vertigo Triggers in Oakland, California April 12, 2024

Does the world around you sometimes feel like it's spinning out of control? Do sudden bouts of dizziness make it difficult to navigate your daily life in Oakland? Perhaps simple activities like enjoying a scenic walk along Lake Merritt, taking a ferry ride to San Francisco, or even a grocery run make you feel unsteady […]

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Equilibrium Spinal Care is a team of dedicated professionals in Oakland, CA, working with patients to find natural and non-invasive health care solutions. Our chiropractor near you, Dr. Marie Biek, has received specialized chiropractic training in NUCCA, a technique which focuses on the upper cervical spine alignment and its biomechanical relationship to the central nervous system.

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